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Hugs Flist

I really don't know what else to say to you all but thank you.

Showed my mom one of my outfits for the con.

Mom: Are you going to be able and breathe wearing that thing?
Me: I don't think so, but I'll look good.
Mom: And where do you plan on wearing that?
Me: I plan on doing a stripper routine. (being a smart ass of course)
Mom: I thought you liked these people.

I hope no one asks where I hid her body.

Went and did laundry, had my hair cut, did some shopping, snagged a suitcase from my mom. And yet, I still forgot to get film for my camera and the camcorder. Unpacking some things, I actually found my little 110 camera that I lost last year before the con. I hope it still works. I really wish I had a digital, but that's on my things to buy list when I get my taxes back.

ETA: Would you believe that for the heck of it I turned on the power switch on that camera and the flash light came on, and it has the same batteries as last year. I take that as a good sign that it works. (damn, that sounded like a commercial.)

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