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Farscape Fic: Silence

Tired of putting RL garbage here. So here we go with a little ficlet I wrote tonight.

Author's Note: I watched PK Wars part 1 last night and got the idea for this. It's unbeat'd, but has thehallway's seal of approval.



Bitter cold bites through the meager protection offered by their clothing. He watches her half-lidded eyes open and then close as his breath fills her lungs. Her hand floats in the vacuum, and he holds her closer. Not ready to lose her just yet, their time together far too short.

If these were to be their last moments together, he doesn't want to forget anything. The smell of her hair, the touch of her skin, the way her fingers twine themselves in his hair after they've made love. Her cheeks almost glowing.

He had seen her acceptance and love shining back at him before she lost consciousness. He holds her more tightly.

It's not fair.

She has so much life in her, so much love that he wants to share. Past betrayals evaporate and are forgotten as if they never existed.

All he can do is wait in the silence and stare at their home and antagonists facing one another, and hopes that his friends are able to make it out alive. Regretting that he failed them all.

She's becoming too cold, and he isn't sure how much longer he can last, but he is sure of one thing. She will live, even if it comes down to his last breath.
Tags: farscape, fic

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