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Well, my weekend is over and I'm cool with that. I was beat yesterday, and then slept for 11 hours. lol It was the first 'real' weekend I've had in years and I was able to get a lot accomplished. Unfortunately writing isn't one of them, but I'll rectify that very soon.

I'm extremely nervous about my dad's surgery tomorrow. I told my mom yesterday that I don't think he'll make it through it. His health has been bad for years. On top of that he's lost so much weight in the last year because he spends so much of his time drinking.

I can't remember a time when he didn't have an extremely bad cough. It's so part of my childhood, that when he'd work nights, I couldn't sleep unless I heard him coughing in the other room. It's terrified me for a long time that I would lose him to this, especially after watching my uncle go.

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