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Well, after much hair pulling and screaming at the fucking vegas program. I finished the re-edit of One Thing. http://www.junglevoodoo.com/kaz/Vids/onething.zip
For the most part it's the same, but I did change out a couple scenes and extended the end so it doesn't cut off so abruptly.

On the job front, remember how I said on the new schedule that starts on the 1st I'd be having 4 days on, 3 off from 4:30pm-3:30am? Well, a girl at work asked me to switch schedules with her. So now I'll be working Sun-Thurs 3pm-midnight. So I'll actually have every Fri and Sat off. That's going to be weird. lol

Okay, I have to split. I'm just glad the video thing is behind me. Oh, and Scorpy...you're the fucking bomb! *sets up machine to mass produce chocojohns for Scorpy*


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