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Yay! Got most of my stuff moved and first thing I did of course was set up pip. Had that done in about 5 min. Then I was up til 4 am re-working my video.

Scorpy, I know I said I'd go to bed since I hadn't slept, but I just couldn't sleep. :P I get that way sometimes.

Anyway, still have a few things to grab from mom's like my Farscape action figures and posters off the walls. Plus, get my bed. I can't get that over here until I make some room for it since this place came with a bed. Unfortunately, it's a freaking bunk bed. LOL I felt like I was 10 and playing sleep-over.

I had to set up the computer at the kitchen table since there is a limited amount of plug-ins in the living room. That's all right with me for now. But I need to see about getting stuff re-wired. I'm paranoid about fire, especially in a trailer.

But this is my little nest and I'm happy. Well, as happy as I can be in Florida. LOL

*hugs fbf for the congrats and tries to find her stash*


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