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and they're off...

Moving day! And I can't sleep.


BUT...I get my internet hooked up tomorrow morning. Along with 300 channels. I have no idea why I got the digital since I only watch tv when Farscape is on anymore. I think it was for the free month and installation. If I'd just got regular cable, it would have cost me $80 since the installation wasn't free with it.

Yes, I'm a cheapskate and damn proud of it. I'm going to be busting ass over the next two weeks with almost no days off so I can have plenty of money for Burbank. I'm even considering working on Halloween. If you really knew me, you'd know that it must be the end of the world for me to even consider that. Because it's MY holiday.

Now I have to finish redoing my video One Thing since I didn't save it at high enough quality the first time and it won't record onto DVD well enough for the vid contest at Burbank.

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