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Farscape Fic: Birth

Author's Note: I wanted to do something for this Farscape Friday
challenge on LJ here while back, but couldn't come up with anything at the time.
Well, they're doing 'use it or lose it', and basically recycling topics. So here
it is. I hope this makes sense for the Nerve/Family Ties challenge. 105 words. No betas where harmed in the writing of this so all mistakes are mine.
Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.


Saturation point met, there is nowhere else to go but back. Back to where was
the big question. Darkness surrounds, enfolds - comforts - feeds and thrives.
There is nothing else. Pinpricks of light on the horizon are nothing more than
that. Voices come and go with no discernible meaning, but there isn't much left
to worry.

Darkness is chaos and light, its rebirth.

Sorrow and hope eclipse fear, bringing a smile that is no longer there. Flesh
is liquid in time. Heartbeats are thunder in air with no lungs to breathe.

The thunder grows, vibrates and begins to sting. And there is blinding light.
Tags: farscape, fic
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