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Mom and the kids were supposed to be home by today, but they stayed up in Arkansas. Apparently my Grandma's dementia was getting worse and my mom insisted that they take her to the doctor. From what I was told, Grandma had swelling on the brain and this morning she went into surgery to relieve some of the pressure and blood. It was weird when mom told me about it because at work the night before a woman still does nursing on the side, was talking about that same procedure.

To be honest, I don't think she'll make it. How many 94 year olds do you ever hear about surviving brain surgery?

ETA: Well, I'll be! She made it through the surgery and woke up knowing who mom is. Which is more than she'd been doing before the surgery. By the way, this is all because of her falling a few weeks ago, hitting her head and breaking her collar bone. I knew she was tough, but DAMN!



My car's name is The Zhaan Van. *g* Don't give me that look, she's blue.

8 MORE DAYS! I love seeing all the great reviews for the mini.

And it's official kernezelda is evil. Because kixxa said so. *snicker*

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