Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Crap. Brent Spiner is joining Enterprise. Now I'll be forced to watch that show. *throws pillow at the tv*

I get my car back from the shop today. Yay! I'm supposed to leave in a few minutes to pick it up.

Checklist for the Mini:
  • DVD Burner - check
  • Car back from shop so I can go watch it with PhiPhi in Orlando (sans children) - check
  • Blank DVDs in which to burn the mini with - pick up on the way back from the car lot.
  • PhiPhi having big screen tv - check
  • Lots of pillows in which to sit on the floor in front of the TV with. - check
  • Excitement in abundance - check
  • Stroke caused by waiting the next 11 days - imminent

Yup. I think I'm ready. It's been very nice to get up everyday and watch the marathon on Skiffy. The episodes end just when I have to leave for work. Yes, it bites that I have to see the commercials for some lame ass tv shows and movies, but on the plus side I keep seeing the commericials for the mini and the marathon. My favorite continues to be the one where the announcer says: Farscape is Back!

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