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As I stated in my previous entry, I was in a bad mood before going to work. Well, it got worse. I started to think about the Happy Birthday fic and I came up with an epilogue to it.

Time moves on, and so does life. Each day bringing its own rewards. John watched as Ralin continued to grow into a man any father would be proud of. Seeing his first grandchild, John gave the infant the gift of a smile, the first in my cycles. Observing from the side, Aeryn pushed a gray strip of hair behind her ear. Her pride for the men in her life making the cycles fall from her face. John's forced silence and immobility never caused her love for him waver. She drew from his strength and resolve, as he did her own.

Time moves on, and so does life. Each day bringing its own rewards. John could see Aeryn's health was beginning to fade, and worry etched more into his heart. Sitting on their bed, Aeryn repeated the same question she had asked every monen for the past two hundred and twenty cycles. Only, this time, there was a slight difference. Knowing her time was grew short with each passing microt, Aeryn held her hand to her chest to press away the pain. In her other, a small vial, similar in size to the one that long ago told them they were compatable. "I don't have long, John. Do you want me to end this, and we shall remain together?" Aeryn asked, her hand shaking ever so slightly with its deadly contents.

John looked to the doorway where Ralin stood next to D'argo and Rygel. Each man nodded their acceptance to whatever decision he made. Turning back to Aeryn, his eyes locked onto hers before he smiled and blinked his eyes three times rapidly. Aeryn returned his smile as she tilted her slightly and looked at him before turning to the others.

Goodbyes were never spoken on Moya, and their friends turned away in silence. Ralin smiled at his parents before leaving them alone with the sweet taste of their final kiss on the their lips to herald them into eternity.

Time go on, so does life and death is your final reward. No tears, no sorrow, and your soul at last soars.

The End
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