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I'm melting, I'm melting! What a world...

Yay! Finally got phone service so I'm on my laptop right now, but my battery is down to 43% just trying to get my connection set up at the house because the signal through the phone line is still crap and I had to reconfigure the connection on this thing. sheesh!

On the way home from work I passed by several new sub-divisions that had no one living in them. Guess what. They had fucking power! WTF? They can get the juice going in areas where no one is living but they can't fix the transformer for my neighborhood? You look down at the end of my driveway and you can see homes with lights, except for the house across the street. So that makes 11 homes without power. Half of those with kids and old people. There is an old woman couple of trailers down and she has to drive to the store too in order to use her oxygen machine since the battery for it is long dead.

Okay, I'm down to 39% on here now. Keep your fingers crossed that I get power today. It's my day off and my mom told me she's going to Arkansas tomorrow with the kids for a week.

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