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Had a weird dream last night, it basically put a topper on the day I had. While it wasn't really a bad day, I just felt bad with a headache that kept wanting to border on migraine at work. Every person I spoke to seemed to have a shrill voice and I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle them.

Anyway back to the dream. I was with my brother and we were going to pick up his kids at the bus stop because it was raining. He was behind the wheel of the car at first. All the kids piled in then when his oldest daughter got mad/embarrassed over a bad joke he played on her and stalked off walking down the road in the rain. For some reason, my brother and me switched seats so I could drive. I pulled up beside M where she was sitting in the middle of an intersection and convinced her to get in. After she got in, I hit the gas a little too hard and our back tires spun.

When they caught, we suddenly flipped and landed upright. The car is still moving a little and I hit the brakes to stop it. I look back at the kids and ask if they're all right, then to my brother. I see that he's sitting right next to me and our sister is on the opposite side of him. She's kind of leaning on the passenger-side window and looks asleep except that her head is bloody from hitting the window and she's dead. Somehow, I don't know I had killed her when I caused the car to flip. The kids were suddenly gone and T is walking around saying 'Tina is really dead.' I sat down in the middle of the road and cry as police began to arrive. They looked at the car..for some reason the rear-end was up in the air like the front was in a hole.. and said that the rear axle near the back tire had snapped causing us to flip. But in the dream I just told them that I already knew it was my fault and nothing they said could convince me otherwise as I watched Tina being put in a body bag.

I was so glad the dream switched from that point because that so threw me off.

I think I need to get some vitamins or something, I've been more tired than usual lately and I'm still doing the same sleep schedule basically. With the exception of getting up a couple hours early dealing with getting the car.

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