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Hell yeah!

Today is a good day people! I have a paid account for two months and cathy1967 has joined up! Hell yeah and pass the comfy pillows cause this woman is writing one hell of a horror story. *dancing around the room and singing* and I get to be the plot bunny again. *g* ixchup is her other plot bunny.

And together *putting hands on hips* we are...*trumpets and fanfair sound through the room* THE EVIL PLOT BUNNY POSSE!!!

Causing death and destruction throughout the Uncharted Territories with our favorite crew aboard Moya.

Okay..can you tell it's a Saturday, and do not want to fucking go to work? Hell, I dont' want to really do squat right now. I'm in a death and destruction mood, and lord help anyone right now. Cause my sadistic streak is showing. *VEG*

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