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What was I thinking with the farscapefriday deal? I saw my name on that list. *trembles*

Five Things You May Not Know About My Time in School Are:

1. My mom and 7th grade teacher had a conference to discuss why I had college level reading, but had a 4th grade math level. They came to the conclusion after going over medical records, that because I had scarlet fever three times, I must have some sort of brain damage in the area of my brain that handles these types of problems.

2. The last day of the school year in 9th grade, I took a hunting knife to school to show friends and was narced out by one of them and had to go to an alternative school at the beginning of the next school year.

3. I was failed in the 9th grade due to, according to the principle, a bad English grade, even though I made straight A's in that class all year long. The teacher had even given me a couple sci-fi books as a gift for doing well in her class. When I repeated at the alternative school, I was beat up so badly, my mom let me drop out. Later on that year, we moved to a different school district and I wanted to go back since I was bored out of my mind, so my mom signed me back up and found out that I should have never been failed. The principle told me to just do the work assigned me, but it wouldn't count, they would count my work from the year I'd been failed. So I had 3 months of goof-off time.

4. I dropped back out in the 10th grade and got my GED in Job corp where I also graduated from Diesel Mechanics and Business Clerical.

5. On the GED test, I only knew six of the answers for sure in the math section. I cried through most of the test because of this and went eeny meeny miney moe for most of the answers. I passed by the skin of my teeth. When I went back to school and took algebra, I made a B on my final and I was surprised that I knew the answers. Professor Z was the freaking bomb!

Five Things You May Not Know About the Job (Jobs) I Have (or Had) Are:

1. I lied about my age when I was 14 to get a job selling the Tampa Tribune door to door. My parents allowed it since I wanted to have my own money besides when I earned for my allowance.

2. I once worked in a carpet mill in Georgia. During the interview, the personel director asked me if I knew how carpet was made and I told him the truth, "To the best of my knowledge, carpet spontaniously appears already done." He laughed and said he liked that I was honest about it and hired me on the spot. I was there for 2 years until the company was bought by a larger one and they closed down the plant. I made the last roll of carpet for that Danube plant and everyone else on my shift was standing around my machine as I tagged it and we all cried.

3. I'm a perfectionist at any job I do, I'm a little slow at times, but I want my work to reflect that I take it seriously despite being a goof at times. *g* And if I can't figure something out, I really get down on myself and depressed.

4. I once considered being an operator at one of those 976 numbers, but I chickened out because I giggle too much when it comes to 'dirty talk' on the phone.

5. I've had too many shit jobs to count really and don't put most of them on my resume.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Online Life Are:

1. I didn't get online really until 2 years ago when I moved in with my mom.

2. I didn't know what the internet was until 97.

*that's about it for this section, I can't think of anything else that I haven't said before.*

Five Things You May Not Know About Where I Live Are:

1. I live actually about 20 minutes from Tampa. I live kind of in B.F.E., so I just say Tampa. It's a lot easier and saves time. lol

2. There is only really big party area in Tampa. Ybor, they've tried to give it a revamp to get more tourists there since it had a bad rep. It's still not the greatest in that area. You still run a good chance of getting gakked if you're stupid enough to go by yourself. Friday and Saturday night, it looks a little like the French Quarter in New Orleans.

3. The beaches here are over-rated. They don't show in the tourist booklets that when you get there, you have to park about a mile or two away and walk in almost 100 degree heat/humidity to the sucker because there isn't a parking spot because you didn't get there at 7am. And it's usually packed and unpleasant to be around with all the people.

*that's about it. This area sucks. ;)

Five things you may not know about my core personality are:

1. I love to get on stage and sing or act. I don't care where it is, so you know I'll do kareoke. I was once in a talent constest in Job Corp and sung Madonna's Like A Prayer in front of over 600 people. I lost, but I felt really good when the various heads of the Skills depts came up to me afterward and told me that all of the staff thought I should have won and the judges shouldn't have played favorites with the winners. As for the acting, I've only been in a couple plays, and I had the lead in The Butler Did It. A parody of all the murder mysteries out there. We had a packed house each night, but that was because everyone wanted to see how the play would be different for each performance since we couldn't remember our lines worth a crap. LOL

2. I hate confrontation. I won't run away, but I don't seek it out unless someone hits a trigger. Hard to explain, but I guess you get what I'm saying. *g*

3. I have extremely bad self-esteem. I'm always sure that no matter what I do, it's not good enough. I don't like to look in a mirror unless I have to because I have a picture of myself in my head and reality pretty much blows that away.

4. I don't make friends easily. Most people find my sense of humor and attitude too much for them.

5. I'm scared that I am really nuts at times. You just have to be in my mind to understand.

Five things I desperately want are:

1. My dream house is an old Victorian with a wrap-around porch.

2. I've wanted to go to Scotland since I was 13 years old. My family thinks it's because of the Highlander movies and series. But it was actually because of the song Take Me Home by Phil Collins. I don't know why, but when I heard that song, I thought about Scotland and started crying.

3. 67 black Mustang convertible.

4. To finally get up the nerve to finally finish my original writing and send it out.

5. To be able to lose weight and have it stay away for more than 3 months.

Five embarrassing fannish admissions I have that you may not know are:

1. I was a huge Misfits of Science fan when I was 12. I had a crush on Johnny B, he was a rock star that shot electricity. I used to write 'I love Johnny B' all over my folders.

2. I'm a Corey Haim fan. I've seen just about everything he's been in.

3. I've watched Young Guns about 200 times, literally. I saw it like 6 times in the theater, and then when it hit pay-per-view, I ran my mom's cable bill over $200. She flipped of course. Then I had it on tape for years until I wore it out. Hell, I saw the DVD last night and almost bought it.

4. I watch just about any horror movie that I can find usually. I've seen some damn cheesy ones that are actually pretty good. One of my favorites is an Alice Cooper werewolf movie called Monster Dog.

5. I'll watch anything that has to do with the supernatural.

Five things you may not know that are very important to my character are:

1. Loyalty. I'll stand by a friend over anything.

2. Honesty between friends.

3. I don't get mad too easily. I'm actually the most even-tempered in my family. Both of my parents say I get it from my Grandpa (dad's dad).

4. I actually don't drink that often. I guess because both my parents are alcholics. My mother actually hasn't drank liquor, besides a sip from my margarita a few weeks ago, for years. I usually save drinking really hard for special occasions.

5. I can't stand to see someone picked on for no reason. If I see it, I'll speak up.

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