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After much deliberation, the other day I began my 2 John's fic...I'm still unsure about it. But the sucker won't leave me alone. I knew how it begin, but not how to begin it. Who was going to speak first. Then I thought 'Rygel', don't ask me why...it just seemed right that he would be the first.

'I don't know how they cannot see what is going on...Frelling body breeders, going at it for arns. I would never have thought it could become worse...until after we left Dam-Ba-Da. Apparently Humans are no different than any other species I have been met in my years as a Dominar in that respect. I would think a vicory Feast would be more appropriate...but a victory Frell is just as well...hehe. I will be happy when we reach Moya. That little gray trelk had better of left my property alone. Ahhhh...six more arns and I can enjoy the peace and privacy of my own quarters. No more sharing space with that lunatic Banik, no more having to listen to that incessant screaming and thumping coming through the walls.'

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