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I'm still working on this, but I figured since it's been too long I'll go ahead and post a short snip. It's one that I've re-wrote several times, and was never happy with it until now. This actually takes place before the last one I posted. Which was way too long ago.

A DRD’s miscalculation while firing its torch burns an area a half dench in diameter, and Crais’ hand twitches in response to the pain. Talyn corrects the droid’s operations and it continues with the repair.

Laying his head back, hair loosened, Crais tries to relax. His eyes close against the dark of his quarters and his mind wanders the corridors. It is something that has been part of him for too long now for him to forgo the habit. Talyn’s outer hull becomes his own, and he feels each small piece of debris that brushes against him. His mind stretches outward, searching for things in their path that may possibly become a threat, and he automatically adjusts, pulling backward from the overload of sensations.

The only sounds within, besides those of the occasional DRD traveling to a new destination, are those of Talyn’s systems running at a mere hetch six. With no immediate threat, Crais has seen no need to tax their reserves until they were needed. The Jakleen system has so far proven to be free of Peacekeepers, but to not be on guard would be foolish at best.

Crichton is standing watch on the bridge, and Crais can feel a short, unwarranted burst of anger from Talyn directed at the human. The man makes no changes in their course, only sits down on the small bench that Talyn has created for Johnny and stares out the portal. Crais is able to ease Talyn’s mind away, turning it back to duty.

Crais files it in the back of his mind with a host of other things that he has noticed over the past few monens.

After their final altercation with the retrieval squad and Aeryn’s mother, it had appeared that things were returning to what they once were after Talyn and he had been first joined. There were no more occurrences dealing with cybernetic bleedback, despite the fact they still had occasional disagreements on which action to take. Moya’s presence alongside her son aided them in that regard, but Talyn was still stubborn. That, he hopes, will change as the gunship ages and matures.

What alarms him now are several instances of unjustifiable thoughts of aggression and paranoia, minor things really in their way of life. Reconsidering, he can see them for what they might truly be, and he fears for the well-being of the young gunship.

He tries to hide his unease from Talyn, afraid that he’ll see and misunderstand. It’s difficult, but there are places within his own psyche that the leviathan doesn’t know that are safe from discovery. He hopes there is a way to save the ship from a fate that would be disastrous to them all.

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