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I had a plan, it was a good plan

I go to bed and I get up at noon. Once I had a couple cups of coffee in me, I finish 2 Johns once and for all today even if it kills me.

Fucking insomnia kicked my ass and I was still in a sleepy haze at 11am this morning before I feel asleep. I got up at 3, and now that I'm awake. I have a couple cups of coffee in me, I'm ready to kick fic ass.

PhiPhi sent me this latest photo on hurricane Ivan's projected path. I think it's trying to tell us something. It could be my imagination, could you guys let me know if I'm seeing things? *g*

*offers whitelight choco!john to ease the pain caused by her desk contacting with her forehead*

I might be doing that 50 things meme later on..it depends on if it calls me enough. lol

ETA: It's taken me since I was 8 years old, but I have finally found a copy of Amazing Grace on the bag pipes. I used Limewire to find it. Okay,I'm really loving this site. I didn't even have an artist and it found over 200 selections to choose from.

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