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I'm alive

I lost power about 9am yesterday after I went to bed. It came back on for a short time and then we lost it again a little while after that. Mom and the kids came home when the eye was sitting directly over us, but we heard on the radio that the final part would be full of tornados and we all went to her church shelter. They still had power until about 11pm last night. Came home about 10am this morning to find my mom's bathroom was flooded. One of the kids had turned on the faucet in the bathtub before we left. Either that or one of the cats did it. I'm thinking kids...lol

The wind and rain is still going good because Frances has started getting strong again now that the eye is over the Gulf, and it looks like it's going to head in kernezelda's direction. Hopefully, if it does, it gets a lot faster. The reason it's caused so much damage was because it was only moving at 8 mph.

But everyone here is safe and all that jazz, despite the fact my nephew K kicked me and jammed my pinky finger. My brother just had to yank it back into place. Yowch!

Now time to go get some Advil to get rid of the headache and finish up getting the water out of the floor.

Hopefully I'll have some pics of some of the damage in my area in a few days. I don't know how good they'll come out since it's a disposable camera. *makes note to get digital ASAP* At least work is cancelled for the night.

Oh! One more thing! I came across this when I stopped over at Kansas. There are several people looking awfully damn hot here. *bg* Makes me feel all warm inside.

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