Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*looks at the sky kind of funny*

Dude, like where's the storm? Not here yet? Bitch is taking her time to screw up my world isn't she? Excuse me while I bend over. *shakes head*

FarDareisMai wrote a great short fic looking inside John's mind and how he's dealing with Grayza's rape of him. All The Pieces Read. Enjoy. Feed the author please. *g*

Update on my dad. He does have cancer, and they're moving him to Orlando where they'll do a biopsy. If it's malignant, they're going to wait 3 months to see if it grows before they'll remove it with surgery.

WTF? Excuse me assholes, you see a cancerous spot on someone's lung...YOU REMOVE IT WHEN YOU FUCKING SEE IT!

NOT when you feel like it. Just because my dad doesn't have insurance, you don't fucking gamble with his life like that. You stupid fucknuts!

ETA: For those of you going to DragonCon. I am most jealous, and will plot against you accordingly. *eg*

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