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I got a 97 on it despite the fact my mind went totally blank.I admit I started to cry because I knew this stuff. I just kept running over it. Finally I just put what I thought were the best answers. When I turned it in. I saw him mark off two right away, I went out and shotgunned a cig. then went to the bathroom and cried some more. Then said fuck it and went to see if I failed. I got a goddamn 97 on it. and I busted out crying in front of the trainer and a supervisor.

I went and saw the others in my class that I'd finished and really started crying then. I just couldn't hold it in. Which I'm usually good at. I think it's because I know this is a big step for me career wise, and a point I've wanted to get to for a very long time. One of the women she took me in the bathroom and had me wash my face to help me calm down.

Afterwards we went back to the class and was told to go out on the phones to be certified. So now I'm officially a computer help desk technician. Tomorrow is graduation.

Now excuse me while I go hit my whiskey and die. LOL

Thanks for the good vibes sent my way guys. *hugs you all*
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