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What a day!

Thanks guys for the congrats about the test. When we got back in, the trainer gave me a little clock/radio that can clip on my keychain or my belt. It has words that scroll across it. I was surprised by that and told him thank you. He said I earned it and that I was the only one that made a 100 in class. Just go ahead and slap me silly. There are people in the class with way more computer knowledge than me.

I got my schedule for after training is over with next week. I'll be working 5pm-2am, but with Wed and Sun. off. It's cool like that since it is a set schedule. Well, pretty much. It might change if they have a big influx of people leaving or more hiring.

Guy from work came over so I could watch Return of the King. Loved it, except for one tiny problem I had had with it.


I didn't know for sure there was one, but I hid my eyes when I saw two things. 1. Cave 2. HUGE spiderwebs. I almost peed myself when I peeked out of my shirt. Then I punched dude in the arm for not warning me. Hard. LOL

But I did love the movie like I said. *g*

This guy that came over, he's going to rent the first season DVDs this weekend. He'd heard of the show, but never got a chance to see it. There is another Scaper in the class as well. I wore my Irreversibly Contaminated shirt to work and stopped where I was doing pimpage via music videos when he saw it. One woman that works in the IT department saw Ben Browder and said "Who is that? YUM! Look at those eyes." She then asked if I could let her borrow the Premiere episode. Woot! (not bad for my first week on the job. lol)

And then I got on here and saw the deal with the trailer on Apple. DAMN! You've got to love the power of Scapers man! You guys seriously kick ass!

It's now 5:30 in the morning. I'm wasted. So I'm off to beddy bye. I acutally have a weekend off.

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