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You say what?

Got a nice call from my mom a little bit ago. (not!) She said I didn't pull the truck up far enough last night when I came home and she hit it when she was backing out of the driveway. Knocking out her tail-light and putting a dent in the truck. WTF? The truck is in the exact same spot it's always parked. There is always an narrow margin for error when you're backing out of our driveway because of these two vehicles: you go too far one way you hit the truck, too far the other direction..you hit the mailbox. It isn't my fault she didn't look more closely, but this is my mom I'm talking about. It'll be my fault. *sigh* You'd have to meet her to know..you can't win in an arguement. LOL

She had called from coming back from court for the adoption proceedings for the kids. It was a bust since the court didn't have the kid's records right. They only had three of them listed. And of course their dad didn't show up again. He's never shown up for any of the court proceedings about these guys. What. A. Bastard.

The sad thing is the kids know this. He hasn't made any attempt in a year and a half to contact these kids. They haven't seen him since their mom's funeral. In a way they want him of course..it's their dad, but they're also scared of having to go live with him if he shows up. They know if they go back, they'll end up living in a dump again with very little food.

On the job front, we finished early last night so the trainer showed us a few neat things about AOL I didn't know about. Also he showed us this. Everyone was cracking up. There's some more funny stuff on their website. (click on video)I suggest you keep liquids away when you watch them. *bg*

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