Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*insert clever remark*

First day of work went really well. Apparently this company likes to treat it's employees good. I walk in, and there is a ping pong and pool table. Along with a couple fooshball table as well. Tv set up. 3 computers, free phone lines, and free coffee. Plus an italian resturant.

The trainers started out by having us introduce ourselves, along with tech/sales experience and three CDs we have in our car. LOL We did the orientation bit, took a tour and sepatated into two classes. Sales on one side, techs on the other. The trainer for the techs put on some Queen, and we started.

We got our security badges and this special deal that changes our code word on the database ever 30 sec. so no one can hack into our name. It's really damn neat. I feel all fancy now. hehe But if I'd known I was getting my picture taken for a badge, I would have wore my hair diffently and NOT wore a white shirt. I look like a disembodied head on my picture. *facepalm*

The book we were given to learn from is the size of a freaking dog! It's HUGE! And we have to learn it all in two weeks with tests that we have to pass. Thank god it's only two tests, but still. TESTS That's cool, it's a good thing I brought my notebook and pens to take notes, and I'm going to be studying this like a mofo. Cause this is a sweet set up and I don't want to screw it up.
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