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Evil thoughts

cluttering the mind, evil thought are oh so very kind. Creeping up and shaking you good, darkening the doorsteps of your neighborhood.

My mind is on a rampage the last couple of days because my computer is being a major fucking bitch. I've ran the scans, the adware deals and the mother fucker is coming clean, yet it's running slower than owl shit and it won't PLAY MY MUSIC VIDEOS RIGHT!! I have to have my music video, they are the one thing that keep me from cussing everyone around me out.

But on the plus side, I watched one of my favorite Farscape episodes last night: John Quixote...and the evil thoughts keep on acomin. *BEG*

Sitting on the edge of her bed and putting on her boots, Aeryn found herself thinking of what this day meant. It meant seventeen cycles since they realized that they lost contact with John and Chiana's transport pod.

It had taken them three weekens to find it, but by that time John and Chiana had been dead for some time of starvation. Their hands holding onto some sort of game matrix.

The rest of the them, devastated in their grief, held onto one another to make it through the days. Aeryn especially had only one reason to go on. The life inside of her. Three monens later, after finding out that she did indeed carry John's child, released the stasis of the pregnancy. At least she still had a small part of him to live for.

Time moves on, lives go on, and so did the rest of the crew after she gave birth to Ralin. The only one to stay behind was D'Argo, and everyday Aeryn thanked the Goddess that he helped her when things became to rough. She had no idea what to expect raising a child, and he was their to giving a guiding hand.

At times, such as special occasions like today, Aeryn especially missed John's laughter. She could picture John coming up with an insane idea to celebrate their son's 'birthday'.

Standing up from the bed, Aeryn pulled her hair back and secured it as she said, "Pilot...is everything ready in the center chamber?"

"Yes, Aeryn. Noranit has finished the celebratory meal, which I may add, Rygel is trying to eat before schedule as we speak."

Rygel had returned only two solar days prior, complaining about inadequate quarters, food, and servents. Pilot had quickly told him that if he found nothing to his liking, then he was more than welcome to stay on his own ship. No one heard another complaint from the Dominar, and he began pestering Noranti to make some of his favored dishes.

"Well, I need to hurry and find Ralin then. Can you send a couple of DRDs into the center chamber to make sure his Highness does not destroy the cake?"

"I have already dispatched two DRDs to that location. You will find Ralin on teir fifteen, he is in the storage unit, and has been for some time now." Pilot said sadly.

Aeryn knew exactly what was in that location, and she could not help the feeling of grief that filled her. After Ralin was born, together she and D'Argo carried the last of John and Chiana's belongings to this storage unit. Neither could bear to really part with anything that belonged to the ones that they had loved and lost. There were still occasions that she found herself drawn to that location, and held onto objects that told her that John Crichton had lived.

It only took a short time to reach the storage unit, the direct path automatic to her feet after so many cycles walking it. Standing in the doorway, Aeryn looked at her son's back as he sat on the floor. Ralin was every dench the son of John Crichton, from the color of his eyes to the way he pursed his lips when he was angered at something.

"Ralin, why didn't you answer your comm?"

The boy continued to sit on the floor not moving, and she knew once he became engrossed in something it would take nothing short of her shaking him hard to bring him back to the real world.

Walking up to her son, Aeryn saw he held the very same game matrix that caused John and Chiana's death. Sudden fear rocked her, and she swiftly knocked the object from the boy's hand. Squatting down so she was eye level with him, Aeryn asked, "Ralin...are you all right?"

His eyes were unfocused at first, but the soon found her own. "Aeryn..." he looked around the room and said, "How the frell did I get here? Where's Chiana? Who's Ralin?"

She watched as Ralin stood and looked down at her, his right hand coming up and began rubbing his bottom lip. A gesture that she had not seen in the last seventeen cycles, but one she instantaly recognized.

The realization of what had just happened took her breath away and made it feel as if her heart had frozen to a block of ice in her chest. Somehow...somehow, John had returned to her, but she lost so much more in that instance. She had lost her son in the process.

The End
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