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Well Charley is getting closer to Tampa. Weeeeee! It's my first hurricane and believe it or not...I'm looking forward to it. *g* My mother says I'm completely nuts. (no comments please) I don't want it to hit us full on, because you know..I might lose power and being stuck in the dark with family and no a/c..YIKES! But I am still anxious about it. Right now would be the perfect time to go to the beach because we got the side stuff from Bonnie rolling in and the surf and wind is up! Fun stuff man!

Spent the evening with my ex sis-in-law's boyfriend having a Farscape season 3 marathon, drinking too much beer and eating Chili. It's so nice to see it from someone still fresh to the later seasons. The guy is a long time Scaper, but he missed a little more than half the series because of being in Iraq. B told me that while he was over there he kept wondering what was happening on the show. *vbg* The guy wants to write a fanfic. Whoohoo! And the idea he told me is so freaking killer..people will majorly squirm in their seats. So this weekend if we all still got power, I'm going to head over there and hook up his computer for him. (it's his first one)

I gave him some of my photo stills I had bought at Burbank last year. He wants to go to Burbank, but he's just moved back and bought himself a house so it's out of the cards for him this year, but he's already started saving for next year.

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