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Can I get a HELL YEAH!

Dude! I got the job!!!

Not the one I was expecting with the cable company, but since it was through an employment agency they offered me another position with a company that does the tech support for AOL broadband. Yes, I am going to be one of the 'evil people'. (no comments from the peanut gallery. hee!)

Woke up, watched some of the Farscape marathon this morning. Had to leave during Promises *pout* wearing a dress and stockings. (the horror!) Interviewed, tested, offered position. Then discovered I had never gotten my social security card after my wallet was stolen from work last year, so ran to soc. office and stood in line for an hour and headed back to finish paperwork.

My orientation is on Friday the 13th (whoohoo, my good luck day!!) and I start training on the 16th. YA BABY!

Now, I've eaten pizza, and I have Baileys awaitin on me!

Today is a great freaking day!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for wishing me good luck...it worked!! *blows kisses to flist*

I love Fridays!

ETA: Since I wore my requisite dress for the year, does this mean I don't have to for the cocktail party in Burbank. *eg*

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