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2 Johns Snip

This is subject to change. As in, more added to it, but I've neglected to post a snippet for too long. And Stars has sticks pointed at me. *trembles in fear of sharp objects*

Crais’ screams for Talyn to shut down still rang in her ears as Aeryn kept her hands tight on the pods controls and swallowed back the nausea that tried to grip her stomach.

The gentle darkness of space soon eased into the soft colors of blue and soon white as they eased into the planet’s atmosphere with only a light shuttering from turbulence. She could see out of the corner of her eye, Johnny sitting and watching with awe as the city slowly grew in front of them as she focused on the landing pad of the space port that John directed her to.

Not one spoke once they had settled down, the locking clamps in place and she glanced away from the somber faces that reflected her own. Closing her eyes for a moment, all that she could see was the exploding trading ship they had only just left half an arn before.

Lost in the almost unwanted memory of laughing children, women and children, Aeryn failed to hear John’s voice. She looked up as he took her hand.

“Come on. We need to get settled in before night falls. Rygel says that the boarding house is about two metras from here.”

Silently nodding in agreement, she stood and picked up several of the bags they had brought along for their stay.


The shadows began to lengthen as they made their way along the narrow street. Aeryn remained alert as she and John followed Rygel as he led the way. She could tell from the way Johnny had grown quiet and began to lean on the throne sled he held onto that he was nearing the end of his own, seeming endless, energy reserves.

“How much further, Rygel? I thought it was only a couple metras, it feels like we’ve walked five already,” John asked, setting his own burden down to stretch his hands a few times before continuing.

“It’s not much further. I can see the marquee the intermediary spoke about. It had better have the fine baths and soaps advertised or they will find out what it means to be berated by a Dominar.”

“We’re trying to be low-key remember?”

“How ‘low-key’ do you think we really are with the two of ‘you’ here?” Rygel countered.

Instead of continuing with the eventual argument, John surprised her with a soft tap of his elbow against her arm. Glancing at him, Aeryn noticed the weariness in his eyes and knew John was probably seeing the same in her own.

“He’s about done for the day, don’t you think?”

“Who? Rygel? He’ll probably be soaking and eating for arns,” she answered quietly.

Looking at the two ahead of them, John shook his head. “No…Johnny.”

“He does seem to be slowing down more. Of course, he’ll most likely be driving us insane once we reach our rooms. I’m surprised he hasn’t all ready.”

Giving a slight nod of his head, John agreed. He was silent for several microts before asking, “Do you think Crais will actually be able to bring Talyn back?”

“Crais said that he’s procured several pieces of Peacekeeper technology from these marketers before. The only other option would be to actually take Talyn to a command carrier for a full system repair such as this.”

The obvious answer didn’t need to be spoken by either of them as they neared their lodgings for the next two weekens. None of them had been overjoyed at the prospect of being confined to a planet for that length of time, but they were left with no choice when they found out the men running the illegal operation would only follow through with the deal if Crais came alone.

Their entreaty for Moya to allow them to stay on her during the allotted time fell on deaf ears when she made no acknowledgment of the request. The answer quite clear, she wanted to follow her son wherever he was to go and find out his fate first hand.

There's more to the scene, but I'm kind of fine tuning it.
Tags: fic snippet, fic: 2johns

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