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Get out the special sauce

I freaking hurt all over this morning. Actually, let me take that back...my lower back hurts like a bitch! Last night (about 2am) I remembered me and mom forgot to grab milk on our way home from the restaurant. So I figured I'd run to the local convienence store and grab it and some sugar for my coffee and the kid's cereal.

Anyway, it had rained earlier and my foot slipped on the wet steps and my back slammed into the steps when I landed. I think I laid there for about 10 min getting chewed by mosquitoes. (can i just say i HATE mosquitoes?) Not sure really because I was trying to freaking breathe since the wind had been knocked out of me. OUCH!

I'm cool, but as I said, very damn sore. It took me forever to get out of bed a little bit ago.

Had fun on YIM last night, if you want to know what the basic jist is, check out spoonishly's LJ and the town of Journaline.

I remembered something that Ben said in SFX mag last year about a possible episode he and Ricky Manning wanted to write dealing with split time and wormholes. Now keep that in mind when you look back at this pic:

Just me and my imagination going overdrive...again. *eg*

Now please correct me if I'm wrong, but did Claudia say something at ComicCon about fixing things (time-wise)? Even without that, just the fact that they said they used season 5 as a template for the mini and remembering that interview makes me wonder even more what's up. (as if i'm the only one..lol)

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