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*does snoopy happy dance*

Kids are all in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, and their repective siblings have taken them to Busch Gardens and one Kyaking(sp?).

Taking Mom out to dinner at our favorite Mexican resturant. I was going to cook spaghetti. (can i help it that i can't cook anything else good?) But she said I was taking her out after she had a nap. She'd taken the kids to the YMCA where they were giving out school supplies, someone almost knocked her down trying to beat her to a bookbag. So she was hurting when she got home.

My oldest niece (brother's oldest daughter) experienced PMS overdrive and couldn't stop crying for about 10 min. She was on the point of hyperventilating. Me and mom had a hell of a time calming her down.

Note: When you see a pre-teen girl crying for no reason, don't colorful slag from PMS. She'll misunderstand and cry even harder. (i am a stupid-ass)

I have about 500 words written on 2 Johns, my goal today is 1,000 or more. Going to try for more if I don't drink too many margarita's at Estella's for dinner.

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