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I am so frelled

I knew the guy who was going to work with us tonight was going to push my buttons, and he did. Every time he got the chance. And I confronted him about the bullshit lie he told the manager. To which, he smiled smugly and promptly called A. I don't know what the jerk said, but he came back and told me that if I couldn't keep my smart mouth shut I could clock out (per the manager). I told him 'oh well,' and continued to do the side work on my list and taking care of customers.

Me and M. were talking about the cig. count. There's usually about 4-5000. She does it faster than I do, and A. had said that if we have something worked out, to work to our strengths and she could do it if was cool with her. It takes me awhile because I lose track of where I am in the count. Usually it takes me about an hour. It takes M. about 30-35 min.

Jerk came up and asked: Are you too stupid to know how to count.
Me: I know how to fucking count and to quit being a jerk.
Jerk: You have a real problem with authority and it's going to get you in trouble.
Me: I don't have a problem with it. I have a problem with someone calling me stupid and saying I don't know how to count. It's embarrassing and degrading and I know how to fucking count.
Jerk: I don't have to listen to that language. You can clock out.
Me: Go fuck yourself.

I was so pissed I wanted to hit him. I mean really pound his face in the wall. I clocked out and paid for the stuff I'd bought to eat tonight before I could it. I'm so mad right now I'm still shaking. I can handle a lot of things, but being called stupid...at work. I can't do it.

Yeah, but I fucked up big time because now I think I'm unemployeed. The jerk is so far up A's butt he can tell him what color his colon polops are.

A. has fired one guy (the one that had the stroke here while back) for not showing up for work because he had trouble with his license and had to get it fixed (the othe manager had said it was cool), and another woman while she was in the ICU at the hospital and her family didn't call before her shift.
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