Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

stupid comment of the day

A man dressed in hunting clothes walks into the store this morning. I asked if I could help him as he seemed to be just wandering around looking. He said he justed wanted something quick to eat because he was going to hunt pigs, as in wild boar. He found what he was looking for and came up to the register. Now here comes the stupid comment.

He said that he wished that he could have Micheal Moore in his sights instead though. I gave him a funny look. He goes onto explain that Micheal Moore is the director of the movie Fahrenheit 911. (I know who he is, and have plans on taking my mom to go see the movie on Wed. if we can get a babysitter.) I asked the guy 'why Micheal Moore?'

Because he's a commie. And his movie is destroying the safety and sanctity of the United States of America and he deserves to die for that.

I was expecting the guy to take of his hat and hold it over his heart as he said the name of the country. I wanted to say 'Well you go on and kill some wild animals that are living peacefully in their own environment, and then go home to drink some beer and beat your wife. We don't want you to stop because that would also destroy the sanctity of this country you redneck fucknut!

On the other job related front. I have found out that the manager is purposely pushing my buttons trying to get me to quit so he can get his friends hired on there. I wouldn't believe it except the night that we had worked together, he had 6 friends come in to fill out applications.

The guy had a list of duties set up when I came in last night, with me doing 13 things, S doing 4, and both of us 3 things. And in big letters 'Shannon is not allowed in the cooler!' WTF? I was so pissed I had tears in my eyes and I called my mom. Yes, I called mommy. I needed her to talk me out of walking out of there. Which she did.

I asked the asshole this morning why he said that because I've worked hard on that cooler and I do a good job at it. He said I don't do a good job at it, I put everything in the wrong place. I just stared at him in shock because the two previous managers and the district manager all said I did a great job. I also helped in the rearranging of the cooler a few weeks back. So how in the FUCK can I not know where things go?

Now this is funny here, it's my mom doing the over protective mom bit, but I love her for it. She's wanting to file a complaint aginst the manager with Corporate for demanding to see HER paperwork when she went in the hospital for the heart attack. Doubt it will do any good, but it's her own way of fucking with the dude.

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