Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Watching 4.5 after work, so some ponderings

Harvey speaks with a "transylvanian" accent: "Scorpius, he upgraded me to... Harvey two point oh. One of my many improvements...

Just one of many? We need the Letterman list dude of your improvements.

Staleek: "We still haven't found a way of disarming Crichton's weapon... but he has demonstrated a convincing command of wormholes."

Scorpius: "I can seperate him from the bomb. He trusts me... more than he realizes. Just bring him to me!"

Hmm..What? When did you two become best buds?

Bad Timing -
Braca: "Do you wish me to continue to track his movements and pursue him?"
Scorpius: "Unnecessary."
Sikzou takes another bite of the food she is eating, watching Scorpius all the while.
Scorpius smiles at Sikozu: "I believe that our reluctant human may soon return, of his own volition."

At little bit later after John is interrupted by Harvey.

John: "Contacting Scorpius. Change of plan."
D'Argo: "John... "
Chiana: "What?"
John: "Gonna see if I can cut a deal before the Scarrans get here and avert a massacre."
Chiana: "Why are you doin this? Why would you sell your own people out?"
John presses buttons on the console: "Because I am proud to bring Peackeeper protection to my backward ass little planet."

All of these things, just keep banging around in my head. And freaks me out about what could possibly be a big blow up later on.

We've seen John work with Scorpius when left with no choice in order to save Aeryn, and the others. Honestly, I don't think that John would willingly go to him, in Scorpius' own back yard, unless forced in some subtle way.

ETA: And LOORDY! I love that deleted scene in Lost and Found! hehe *eg*
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