Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

well looky here...hehe

Gonna have fun at Burbank! Woot!


FARSCAPE fanfic panel (Saturday afternoon) featuring:
JeffRabb: One half of the team that runs the annual Farscape fan fiction contest (The Sparkys).
ScaperRed: Writer of the 2004 Sparky Awards runaway winner, "Fate's Gamble".
Kernil Crash: Two time winner of "Best Author" and author of several dozen fanfics.
Thea: Winner of the 2004 Sparky Award for Best New Writer.
Kazbaby: Member of the 'Dark Brigade' forum, and also a multi-talented writer and Sparky recipient.
Florida Redleg: Possibly the most active Farscape reader on the planet. He represents the 'other side' of fanfic: the reader.

ETA: I noticed that I'm only mentioned as a Sparky reciepient. What? My first place for best Slash not good enough to be mentioned by name as well?
I guess I shouldn't bitch, they might take me off of it.

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